Carrie Brings in Less Than $1M in Overnight Showings

Chloe Moretz

Sony is banking on this Halloween being a big season for horror movies and the release of Carrie is something the studio hopes the teen crowd are up for seeing something other than a Saw remake this year. While not record breaking by any means, the overnight draw from the first showings of Carrie are encouraging, as the film brought in $725,000 from early shows.

Made for under $30 million, the reviews for Carrie suggest that if it isn’t a box office smash, it will at least have the respect of critics — something that usually eludes horror films in general. But the recent call for higher quality cinema has pushed even the campy horror genre to better itself and Carrie is proof of that.

Now, whether that translates into box office return is yet to be seen, but Sony is projecting a conservative $18 million opening this weekend. The film could very well hit the $30 million mark in it’s opening weekend as it’s a much more teen friendly choice than Gravity  or Captain Philips is.

So while the overnight numbers aren’t as high as some other films we’ve seen, the hours were spent getting a head start on what could be a very respectable opening weekend.

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