Jim Parsons Says He Wants a Breaking Bad Type Role, Thinks Big Bang Theory Will Be On 11 Years

When you think of The Big Bang Theory and specifically Jim Parson’s character of Sheldon Cooper, sports really isn’t one of the first things that comes to mind. But Parsons is an avid sports fan in real life and frequent guest on The Dan Patrick Show where he drops by to talk sports with the former SportsCenter host.

Yesterday Parsons was a surprise caller to the show and talked about not only how long he thinks The Big Bang Theory will be on but also mentioned he wants to kill people — in a television show. The first topic addressed though was how long Parsons thinks his Emmy award winning role as Sheldon Cooper will last.

“I’ll ride this train as long as it goes,” Parsons told Dan Patrick on The Dan Patrick Show. “I have a wonderful time doing it and they keep, the writing really stays up . But I’m  guess 10 year, maybe 11 years.”

Now, Parsons wasn’t saying 10 more years as the show is in it’s seventh season right now and most sitcoms don’t go on 20 years like The Simpsons. But when a sitcom hits, 10 seasons seems to be the right amount of years to be on the air and that’s clearly what Parsons has in mind for The Big Bang Theory.

But one of the more interesting things Parsons said in the interview is that he wants a Breaking Bad type role in his career. Alluding to Bryan Cranston’s transformation from dad on Malcolm in the Middle to the violent and evil Walter White on Breaking Bad, Parsons told Patrick that it’s a goal of his to find a role like Cranston did.

“I’m not kidding, it’s a goal,” Parsons admitted. “Bryan Cranston is, I don’t want to a say a hero, but what he did is something to aim for. … He’s an actor’s actor and that’s really what I’d want to be.”

It’s hard to picture Parsons going from Sheldon Cooper to a Walter White type character, but that was what helped make Bryan Cranston’s performance so powerful and iconic. He has his Emmy awards and he’s set for life financially, which bodes well for the chances we’ll see Parsons seek out another career defining role.

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