Josh Brolin in Talks to Star in Jurassic World


A few weeks ago, Variety tweeted out a link to a story that with the teaser ‘Josh Brolin in talks to star in Jurassic Park 4′, but the tweet was deleted. The link lead back to a story about Bryce Dallas Howard being in talks for a role in the film, but today the Josh Brolin tweets are real as Variety can now officially report that Josh Brolin is in talks to join Jurassic World.

According to a report from Variety:

Josh Brolin is in early talks to star in Universal’s “Jurassic World.” Bryce Dallas Howard, Ty Simpkins and Nick Robinson are also in talks to star in the Jurassic Park reboot.

We already knew of Howard, Simpkin and Robinson being rumored as part of the cast with Deadline saying Simpkin’s place in the cast is pretty much confirmed. There’s also a rumor that New Girl star Jake Johnson is in talks to play a part in the film, but he’s not mentioned by Variety.

Brolin’s addition to the cast would elevate the film’s hype to new heights as he’s an A-List star who packs Oscar-worthy talent. That’s not to say Jurassic World would be an Oscar-worthy film, but having Brolin headlining the cast could do wonders for the film at the box office and widen it’s appeal.

Nothing is official, but he lost out on playing Batman which could be motivation for Brolin to steal some of his thunder in the packed 2015 box office race.

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