Meet Disney's newest recruit. Big, powerful, baddies have been heading up Star Wars' stories for decades.

Star Wars Darth Vader TV Show to Premiere in Mid-2014


When Disney acquired the rights to Star Wars from George Lucas for around $4 Billion, it was expected that they’d be taking full advantage of their new toy. As we’ve seen with not only the J.J. Abrams film and the spin-off movies, in addition to the television show Star wars: Rebels, Disney has been busy putting Star Wars everywhere it can.

Jedi News as well as Bleeding Cool came across an interesting bit of information as through them we’ve learned that a Darth Vader TV show will be debuting in the spring and summer season of 2014. A brochure was handed out at the  European Brand Licensing Show which outlined official releases for the upcoming slate of Star wars themed productions from Disney and LucasFilm.


The biggest announcement was of Darth Vader TV specials that will air in 2014, which leads to the question what could this possibly be?

As Bleeding Cool pointed out, it might be some sort of Lego special, but that wouldn’t jive without noted the brochure is when mentioning the Lego Star Wars Yoda Chronicles.

It’s very likely that Darth Vader specials could be coming to start connecting modern audiences to the character and his place in the post-Return of the Jedi world that Episode VII will take place in.

We should know more about this soon, but this is further proof that Disney wasn’t kidding when they said brace yourself for a lot of Star wars action.

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