Thor 2 Post-Credits Scene Revealed: What Happens After Credits?


We are just weeks away from the American release of Thor 2 which means in addition to wanting to see what happens with everyone’s favorite God of Thunder, fans are itching to get any information they can about Marvel’s infamous post-credit scenes. According to those who attended some early screenings in England, Thor 2 not only doubles up on the Asgardian fun, but also doubles up on the post-credit scenes as well.

There’s currently an embargo in place though, so those hoping to get early spoilers for the film will have to wait until next week since that’s when the embargo is lifted. On October 24th, audiences who have seen the film are able to openly talk about it, however according to, one viewer as rated it as the 2nd or 3rd best Marvel film to have ever come out.

We’re not going to use that as consensus but it’s a taste of what the overall quality of the movie may contain. As for the post-credit scenes, no specific details have emerged yet as to what they are about but we do know that there is allegedly two — one during and one after.

What do you think the post-credit scenes are about? Sound off in the comments section below and let us know.

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