Bill Murray Beats Up Lee Corso After He Picks Florida State on College GameDay Set (Video)

Things usually get weird on the ESPN College GameDay and they usually get weird thanks to living legend Lee Corso. He’s pretty much the pulse of the show, and when he steps away from one of the cushiest gigs in television, the show is going to tank. but for now, Corso is here and he’s keeping things weird.

Case in point was the scuffle he had with Oscar nominated actor Bill Murray, who dropped by to help the GameDay crew talk about today’s game of the week, the Florida State Seminoles and the Clemson Tigers. Corso has made it his thing to dress up like the mascot of the team he’s picking, so while announcing that he was picking Florida State to win, he dressed up like Chief Osceola, Murray attacked.

The exchange was playful but Murray did take Corso down to the set’s floor and proceeded to fake punching and stomping him while he was down.

Keep in mind that the site for this week’s College GameDay set was on the Clemson campus where tonight’s game will be played, so Corso was picking the opposing team to win. Murray got a roar of applause when he took down Corso, but being the showman that he is, Murray’s options to please the crowd were both limited and blatantly obvious.

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