Saturday Night Live: Why Isn't SNL On Tonight?

Every Saturday night we all look forward to the great minds at Rockefeller Center entertaining us with their signature brand of satire and wit. But that’s not going to happen tonight as Saturday Night Live is taking a week off thanks to NBC’s contract with Notre Dame football.

Now don’t think that SNL was going to make a habit of canceling shows to accommodate Notre Dame football as they didn’t two weeks ago when Miley Cyrus hosted and the result was a delayed show. NBC wasn’t nervous about the show being delayed again by the Notre Dame game as this week was already a scheduled week off.

But the show will be returning next week with first time host Edward Norton, who will be followed the next week by another first time host Kelly Washington.

So far Season 39 of Saturday Night Live has been off to a great start and a week off will give those behind the show a nice little breather to regroup and come back with what should be back-to-back amazing shows.

When does SNL return? We have the details for you here:

Date: Oct. 26
Time: 11:30pm ET
Host: Edward Norton
Musical Guest: Janelle Monae
Channel: NBC

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