Batman vs. Superman: First Leaked Footage Revealed (Video)


We all knew that this weekend was the beginning of filming for the Batman vs. Supermanmovie which meant it was only a matter of time before leaked footage hit the internet. The filming took place on Friday and today we saw our first images from the film that shot scenes at East Los Angeles Campus this weekend.

The first video comes courtesy of Batman-News, who have been all over the production of the film and will likely have more goodies as things progress.

It doesn’t appear that any crucial scenes were shot at the campus of East Los Angeles but nonetheless, filming has begun on Bat vs. Superman which is something comic book  have been waiting years to hear .

In addition to allowing students and all those who attended the game be a part of the first scenes filmed for the movies, Warner Bros handed out gadgets and prizes to help liven up to mood, something we saw happen when Christopher Nolan filmed scenes at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh for The Dark Knight Rises. 

More footage wil likely hit the internet and seeing as it’s not vital to the story, at least to our knowledge, don’t expect Warner Bros to throw a fit about it being posted by fans who attended the shoot. Still, we finally have the first images of the Batman vs. Superman production which means we are that much closer to finally seeing the film.

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