Once Upon A Time Recap: 5 Best Moments From "Nasty Habits"


The world of Once Upon a Time just keeps heating up. The family drama and plots twists never cease to satisfy our hunger for a good story.

5 – Snappy one liners – OUAT is not Law & Order, nor does it want to be. But every once and a while this fairy tale takes a cue from the gritty crime drama. Neal (aka Baelfire aka Henry’s dad aka Emma’s first love) is being held captive by one of the Lost Boys who reminds Neal that he was once one of them. Neal manages to knock the Boy out. As he escapes he quips “I’m not a boy any more and I’m sure not lost.” Neal’s growing into his roll as father. He’s no longer the criminal. He has a reason to live.

4 – All around good advice – “Never break in somewhere you don’t know how to get out of.” Twice in this episode a character points this out to another. It’s good advice if your a petty thief or if you’re venturing better fantasy worlds.

3- Creepy creature alert! – Neal and his father Gold are plotting how they will get Henry back from Pan. Neal picks up a seashell. We use sells to hear the ocean, but in Neverland you can use a shell for the ocean to hear you. Neal uses it to call upon a giant squid which bares no slight resemblance to The Watcher in the Water.

2 – Henry goes wild – Pan and his Lost Boys apparently love to dance around a fire in a wild way. Finally, after much convincing, Henry joins in. This isn’t really a good thing for Henry (it means he’s giving into to Pan’s influence) but we can’t help but enjoy seeing goody-goody Henry get a little bit bad.

1 – The preview for next week’s episode – You don’t have to a “shipper” to be intrigued by the sight of Emma and Hook locking lips! Are they in love? Were they just feeling the heat of a passionate moment? Is it just a dream sequence? We’ll have to wait until next week to find out!

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