Batman vs. Superman: Ben Affleck Films First Scenes as Batman This Weekend?


This weekend, the first scenes for Batman vs. Superman began filming but as we were told by those who were there and base don the footage we saw from what was shot, nothing crucial was put in the can. Yet, despite the fact that we didn’t see any of the principal cast at East Los Angeles College, one report is stating we weren’t looking hard enough.

According to a report from Collider, Ben Affleck was indeed at the campus and even filmed a scene before anyone arrived at the stadium. Now, even Collider is saying to take this report with a grain of salt as it comes from an extra, but an extra that reportedly filmed the scene with Affleck in the lockerroom of the stadium.

Per the email sent to Collider:

As I was walking out to the restroom before the game. I ran into this very nice man who knew one of the players that were the extras on the Gotham home team. He said that Ben Affleck was indeed there. How does he know this? Because the extra he knew filmed a scene with Affleck earlier that day in the locker rooms before the crowd started arriving. He said the the scene was about Bruce Wayne giving a motivational speech to the team!

Again, proceed with caution when thinking about taking this as gospel truth. Not only does this come from an unreliable source but it sounds like a terribly scene.

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