Idris Elba Being Eyed for Jurassic World Cast?


We are in the thick of the 2015 casting rumor scene as just about every movie set to come out in the biggest summer for movies we’ve seen in a while are being subjected to endless rumors. Most of the rumors involve J.J. Abrams’ Star Wars Episode 7 but we’re starting to hear more rumblings from the set of Jurassic World which is quickly becoming one of the top movies to look forward to thanks to a stellar cast that is being pieced together.

With Josh Brolin and Bryce Dallas Howard being rumored to be in the cast, it seems that Steve Spielberg and company may be looking for a third member a three headed casting beast. According to a report, Idris Elba is being eyed for a role in the upcoming Jurassic World.

The news comes from, which is hardly a reliable source. Even though the report needs to be taken with a giant grain of salt, something that even the website reporting urges, Elba’s name is an interesting one to consider as a possible addition to the cast.

He’s starred in a slew of big budget hits recently from Thor to Prometheus and this past summer’s Pacific Rim, meaning he knows how to hold his own on a massive movie. He’s emerging as one of the hottest names in Hollywood and another big budget role to his credit should only boost his sky high value at the moment.

We’ll keep an eye on the news, as it’s far from being a concrete report right now, but beyond that Elba’s name is an interesting one to ponder when thinking about filling out the rest of the Jurassic World cast.

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