Johnny Knoxville Confirms Bad Grandpa Sequel Will Happen, Oscar Nominees To Co-Star


Johnny Knoxville may not be getting the Jackass crew back together for a fourth film anytime soon, but that hasn’t stopped him from creating havoc on unsuspecting victims in his new film Bad Grandpa. The Jackass stunts may be toned down for good, given the fact that most of the members are so beat up that they simply can’t do it like they used to, but Knoxville is back as his Bad Grandpa character and he revealed that one film won’t be all that they will be producing.

While speaking at press day for Bad Grandpa, Knoxville revealed that when Bad Grandpa gets released on DVD and Blu-Ray, a pseudo-sequel will be released as well starring Oscar nominated actors Spike Jonze and Cathleen Turner.

The film won’t be theatrically released and will instead be a Bad Grandpa 1.5, which is exactly like the Jackass 2.5 films that have come out in straight-to-DVD fashion. That’s going to be the case with the sequel to Bad Grandpa, but the fact that Knoxville is willing to make a pseudo-sequel means he may be open to making more Jackass movies or extending Bad Grandpa into a franchise like he did with Jackass. 

It’d be fitting if Jackass as a title is retired and replaced with bad Grandpa seeing as the crew behind those films aren’t the young men they were in the late 90s and early 2000s. But fans don’t care what the title is, all they know is Jackassis back and it looks like we may be getting more sometime soon.


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