Tim Burton, Michael Keaton In Talks to Return for Beetlejuice 2


It’s the film that helped establish Tim Burton as a director and led to him being able to direct his first big budget epic in Batman, and now the director is in talks to return to that well. According to a report from Variety, Tim Burton is in talks to direct Beetlejuice 2 and he’s not alone.

Variety also reports that Michael Keaton is in talks to return as the titular character which means a reunion between Burton and Keaton over 20 years in the making.

Sources have told Variety that Burton is in talks to return as director with Keaton also in talks to reprise his role as everyone’s favorite ghoul.

Burton and Keaton last worked together on the 1992 film Batman Returns and since then they’ve gone their separate ways. Both can thank the other for helping to advance each others careers in significant ways as Burton’s first big hit came thanks to Keaton and Burton helped Keaton become generally taken more seriously as a dramatic actor.

Over the year, the Burton-Keaton relationship was replaced by Burton and Johnny Depp but it looks like the two are getting back together and might even want to throw Depp in there t create a cinematic three-way we can all appreciate.

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