Benedict Cumberbatch Pretends to Be a Dragon For Motion Capture on The Hobbit 2 (Photo)

We’re a few months away from the release of The Hobbit 2 which will introduce Benedict Cumberbatch into the world of Peter Jackson and J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings saga. While the story will continue from what we saw in The Hobbit, a film that consistent of eight hours of dinner talk between dwarves, The Hobbit 2 promises more action and more of the dragon Smaug, who was teased to no end in the first film.

The dragon, who’s name is Smaug, will be voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch but the actor is not only providing the voice for Smaug, he’s playing him as well through the power of motion capture.

Jackson has almost perfected the art of motion capture thanks to Andy Serkis and the character of Gollum. Cumberbatch has already recorded motion capture for the film and we have some photos of what that process looked like thanks to the Blu-Ray edition of The Hobbit which hits shelves on november 5th





Yeah, Cumberbatch is intense but now he’ll be three dimensionally intense and animated. We won’t know how well his performance as Smaug will be until The Hobbit 2 hits theaters this December but already we’re going to believe that the second film in the prequel trilogy will deliver on the thrills much more than the first one failed to do.

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