Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Recap: Girl in the Flowered Dress


Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. brings the drama this week as the team travels to Asia to investigate a possible superhero (or super-villian) with flamboyant powers.

The man uses his powers as a simple street magician. He’s befriended by a woman. As is almost always the case when you take a beautiful, mysterious woman back to your apartment, it doesn’t end well for him as she kidnaps him.

Back on the bus, Skye and her SO are bonding. Ward reluctantly compliments Skye. Also he gets his battle ship sunk. Bad day for the tough guy.

Agent Kwon has tried to bring magician Chen in but he’s not interested. He thinks Raina works for SHIELD too but she tells him she’s not with them. Offers to make every one remember him. She changes his name from Chen to Scorch and he loves it.

S.H.I.E.L.D. tracks down a hacker, Miles, they believe is responsible for  Chen getting kidnapped. The group heads to Texas where a car chase ensues. Coulson is right on Miles’s tail in the SHIELDmobile (big black SUV) and miles is weaving through traffic in a little Jetta. No sweat for Phil, right? Miles uses some high-tech gadget to change the lights to escape Agent Coulson. Skye is waiting for Miles in his apartment. Skye calls him a name and they jump in bed. (You know, just like in real life.) Obviously Skye has a past with Miles. (Maybe they hooked up at a Super Hacker Convention?) Skye won’t tell Miles much about SHIELD. She’s on her way back to the gang but May is standing at the door. (Busted.) Skye has to explain to Coulson that she is friends with Miles and she looks out for him, but she’s not working with him and he’s not working for any bad guys. (That’s what all the hot guys say.)

Raina brings Chen to a super-high tech lab. (Is there significance to the fact that when she first met Chen she was wearing a white dress with black flowers and now she’s wearing a black dress with white flowers?) She gives Chen a serum to turn his flames up a few notches. (No harm can come of this, right???)

Miles and Skye are back on the bus being monitored and interrogated. Miles admits he sold information for $1 million. (We’d all do more for less, no?) He gave the info to “some woman” who asked him to hack into an ecological research lab looking into, wait for it, centipedes! (Miles didn’t know it but he helped the Flowered Dress woman find Chan for more centipede experiments.)

Chan’s blood is fire resistant. Raina and her Super Evil Doctor Boss Lady drain Chen’s fireproofness. He can still flame on, but now he burns. Bummer!

The agents make their way to the evil doctor’s lab. Raina and Evil Doctor Lady are no where to be found, but Chan is there and he toasts poor Agent Kwon. Chan would have been defeated, but now that he’s Scorch he won’t go down easily. (Agent Coulson: Ah crap, they named him.) Coulson can’t tranquilize Chan and he gets away. Chan catches up to the doctor who is ruthlessly left behind by Raina to get scorched. (She’s beautiful and cut-throat! Yowzah!) May and Coulson finally trank Chan so they can escape building before he blows up.

Back on the bus, Coulson offers Miles an out: he has to wear a bracelet that won’t let him use electronics and they’re going to leave him in Austin. He’ll grow to like Hong Kong, right? Skye tells him good bye because she wants to stay with SHIELD, if they’ll have her. Ward won’t stand up for Skye when she goes to talk to Coulson. The bonding they did over board games earlier has been erased by her betrayal. Coulson gives her one last chance to come clean about who she is and what she’s up to. She tearfully hands over a small chip. She’s been searching for her parents and everything she’s found is one that chip: a redacted SHIELD document. Were parents bad guys? Good guys? Collateral damage? Coulson offers her a bracelet like Miles’s. She puts it on when Coulson hints that maybe she’ll eventually learn about her parents.

Raina meets some thuggy bad guy in prison. She requests that he “touch base” with the clairvoyant (Is that what they’re calling it nowadays?) so that they get their “toy soldiers” off the shelf. This time she’s wearing a black dress with red flowers. (Danger!)

This episode was the typical super hero agent stuff until the end. As is typical with S.H.I.E.L.D., just when you want to write it off as only goofy fun, it gets a little deep (Skye’s family issues) and a little intriguing (who is Raina, who is she working for, and what’s the significance of the flowered dress???)

Can’t wait for next week!


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