Melissa McCarthy Teaming Up With Jason Statham for Buddy-Action Movie?

What ever happened to the classically awful yet so enjoyable buddy-action movies of the 8-s and early to mid 90s? Even Adam Sandler and one of the Wayons brothers were able to make an action film in Bulletproof, which either killed the genre as a whole or proved that anyone could star in a vehicle like that.

Turns out both might have been true, but that’s not stopping an Oscar nominated actress from teaming up with one of the most recognizable action stars of the past decade. According to Deadline, Oscar nominee Melissa McCarthy may be teaming up with action star Jason Statham to revive the buddy-action movie genre.

Per Deadline:

I’m told that Statham has met with director Paul Feig and that talks will start soon for him to join Melissa McCarthy in Fox‘s Susan Cooper. That comedy, which puts Feig and McCarthy back together after they did the hits Bridesmaids and The Heat, casts her as an unlikely secret agent. Statham will play a spy on the same side, if the deal makes.

We actually saw the buddy-action movie revived a bit by McCarthy and Feig when they came out with The Heat earlier this year, but that was more of a buddy cop movie that what this sounds like.

Statham hasn’t signed anything yet, so don’t count him in at this point. But it looks like things are moving that way and a McCarthy-Statham onscreen team is something no one thought of but we’ll all go out and see anyway.

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