New Girl Season 3, Episode 6 "Keaton": When To Set Your DVR

FOX’s great night of Tuesday comedy continues after Brooklyn Nine-Nine with the hit show New Girl which has helped make Zooey Deschanel a household name and has boosted the careers of her supporting players. Tonight sees yet another episode from an already solid third season debut and it looks to be just as good as what we’ve seen so far.

Last week we saw Nick and Jess continue their relationship while Schmidt tries his hardest to break them up. In an effort to get inside their heads, Schmidt talks to both of them separately and even goes as far as to describe an unthinkably disturbing sex act to Jess, claiming that Nick loves to have it done to him. She does it, but they manage to make it past the embarrassment and Nick actually pours out real feelings for Jess.

In case  your wondering what’s up in this week’s episode, here’s an official synopsis:

In an effort to reconnect with Cece, Jess throws a Halloween party at the loft. In an effort to change Schmidt’s sullen behavior, the loftmates resort to “catfishing” him by pretending to be his childhood idol – actor Michael Keaton. Then, Schmidt makes a decision that could change the loft forever

So when does the new episode of New Girl debut on FOX? We have all the information you need to know to catch all the action.

Date: Tuesday, October 22
Episode Title: “Keaton”
Start Time: 9:00 p.m. ET
Watch: FOX
Online Stream: Hulu Plus, VOD


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