Showtime Renews Masters of Sex, Homeland For New Seasons to Air in 2014

Episode 102

Showtime has been trying to keep up with the prowess of HBO and their slew of original programs that have taken fans and critics by storm. They don’t have a show like Game of Thrones or Boardwalk Empire, but Showtime is getting closer and closer, proof of this being news that the network has renewed Masters of Sex and Homeland for 2014 seasons.

Homeland isn’t too much of a surprise since the show has been a hit with fans and critics alike since it debuted on Showtime a few years ago. The best news of the day for the network is that they renewed Master of Sex, which is in the middle of it’s first season on the air.

The significance of Showtime renewing Masters of Sex is that it’s yet another new show the network has debuted that didn’t fall off a cliff and embarrass anyone by getting run off the air. Masters of Sex runs against an HBO’s Eastbound and Down as well as second airings of AMC’s The Walking Dead which puts it in almost  more lucrative slot that it’s predecessor Homeland.

The retention of a brand new show is something Showtime should be proud of and it leaves the door wide open for more original and edgy shows to hit the network and improve it’s standing in the battle against HBO and it’s original programming.

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