Tom Hiddleston Says Loki Movie Won't Happen Without Thor (Video)

For months now, Marvel fans have been clamoring for a Loki stand alone film, something that would satisfy the hunger for the character that Joss Whedon says not to expect back in Avengers 2 when it comes out. So, naturally being one of the most popular characters in the Marvel film franchise, there’s a demand for more Loki.

A petition arose to try and get Marvel to make a Loki stand alone film, but not only will the studio not give in to a petition, actor Tom Hiddleston has said numerous times that a film starring just Loki — a supporting character in large part — won’t be happening. He reinforced that notion once again in an interview with Collider.

He did, however, seem to imply that he’d be open to working in more Loki moving forward with Marvel.

“The idea of there being a Loki solo film is some kind of concoction and I can tell you there is no movement on it,” Hiddleston said to Collider. “But I’d have to have a big brainstorm with Kevin Feige about it, if it ever came around. I do agree with you that Loki defines himself in opposition to Thor. There is not Thor without Loki, there is no Loki without Thor and that’s part of his nature, that he defines himself in opposition to other people.”

We’re not holding our breath for a Loki stand alone, but Marvel recognizes his popularity and even re-shot parts of Thor 2 to give fans more Loki. So while a stand alone isn’t happening anytime soon, let’s not rule it out completely.

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