Thor 2 Director Isn't Happy With Post-Credit Scenes, Rips Fellow Marvel Director


Thor 2 is set to be released next weekend in England before coming to the United States the following week, but already we’re starting to learn more and more about the film and one of Marvel’s signature gimmicks. We all know by now that Marvel makes you sit through the whole movies plus the credits to get a little something extra and a tease at the next Marvel studio movie that is coming.

What we didn’t know until recently was that Thor 2 has two post credit scenes and director Alan Taylor hates both of them. In a recent interview with Bleeding Cool, Johnson was asked about the post-credit scenes and he said he was very proud of the fact he doesn’t have to take responsibility for them.

“I absolutely did not [shoot the credit scenes],” Taylor told Bleeding Cool when asked about the scenes following the movie. “I am very happy to not take responsibility.”

Taylor then took a shot at fellow Marvel director James Gunn, who directed the post credit scenes which promote the summer 2014 release of Guardians of the Galaxy. He didn’t totally trash Gunn, but he also didn’t pat him on the back and applaud his work.

“I wouldn’t blame it on James Gunn,” Taylor responded when asked what he thought of the scenes that were shot. “Er… I wouldn’t attribute it to James Gunn… it’s clearly his sets and his characters…I am very happy not to take responsibility for that.”

Brendon Connelly from Bleeding Cool who interviewed Taylor didn’t seem to have a big issue with the post credit scenes, so we might have to chalk this pseudo-feud up to creative differences.

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