Saturday Night Live Edward Norton Promo Goofs on Fight Club (Video)


The new promo for the much anticipated episode of Saturday night LIve has come out and it features this week’s host Edward Norton both making fun of Fight Club as well as speaking fluent Japanese. The promos have been released ahead of this Saturday’s show which will mark the first time in the history of the show that Norton has served as host.

He’s also not on the show to promote anything, also a rarity in the show’s history as of late.

The promos star Norton alongside Bobby Moynihan and involved Norton speaking in fluent Japanese as well as the actor goofing on the movie that helped solidify him as an acting icon.

Janelle Monae will be serving as the musical guest this week, but all of the attention will be on first time host Edward Norton who frankly should have been given the opportunity to host the show years ago.

So far this season has been up and down in terms of host quality for Saturday Night Live, with Tina Fey standing out as the best host of the season through three episodes. Still, Norton has never hosted SNL before which might not only help the quality of his performance but also keep the ratings high for the show.

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