Thor 2 Spoilers: The Dark World Has Cameo From Major Avengers Character


We are still a few weeks away from the U.S. release of the next Marvel movie, Thor 2, otherwise known as Thor: The Dark World, but already early screening reviews have come in. The film will be released next weekend overseas in England, followed by a November release date the next weekend in the States, but when that all happens it sounds like can expect a major Avengers character to show up.

Careful, there are spoilers ahead so if you don’t want anything potentially ruined, stop here.

Prior to the Phase Two releases from Marvel, it was said that none of the films would feature cameos from any of the Avengers characters and for the most part that has been true. The rule was sort of violated when Bruce banner showed up after the credits in Iron Man 3  and it is again violated in Thor 2.

The cameo in Thor 2 happens during the film and will be debatable as to how much of a cameo it really is. Captain America shows up during the movie but he does so when Loki transforms into a version of him,so it’s not technically Captain America.

However, if you want to see Captain America, the trailer for Captain America: Winter Soldier will likely be shown before the film begins as it will be officially released tomorrow via iTunes Trailers.


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