Tom Hardy Cast As Elton John in Rocketman Biopic

Copyright: Warner Bros 2012

Copyright: Warner Bros 2012

A few months ago it was rumored that Tom Hardy was in talks to play Elton John in an upcoming biopic about the singer and songwriter, and now that rumor has become official. According to Variety, Hardy has officially been cast as Elton John.

Per Variety:

Tom Hardy will star as Elton John in Rocket Pictures’ Rocketman, and Focus Features has come aboard to give the film a “major”  U.S. release.

The  film be co-financed by AI Film.

It’s hard to forget Tom Hardy’s immersion into the role of Charles Bronson in a powerhouse performances in Bronson. If he can channel that talent into the role of Elton John, he may finally rake in the awards he should already be taking in.

It’s an Oscar type role that hardy is stepping into and yet again displays the confidence he has as an actor as well as his talent. He’s starring in the upcoming reboot of Mad Max and is still best remembered by most moviegoers for playing Bane in 2012’s The Dark Knight Rises.

But this role as Elton John should be one that elevates him to a level he hasn’t been to yet and that level is occupied by Oscar winners left and right.

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