George Clooney Film Monuments Men Gets New Official 2014 Release Date


Earlier this week we got word that George Clooney’s ensemble film Monuments Men was going to be pushed back in 2014 and out this year’s Oscar competition. But while the movie is no longer on the 2013 docket, we do have an official 2014 release date that looks to be the one that will stick this time.

According to DeadlineMonuments Men will see a release on February 7, 2014.

Sony and 20th Century Fox have found their February date: Monuments Menwill be released February 7, 2014, we’ve learned. That date jibes what with George Clooney told us exclusively yesterday.

This release dates means that Monuments Men won’t be eligible for this year’s Oscars but it does mean that it could be an early frontrunner for next year’s Oscars.

Monuments Men isn’t the only film to have been pushed out of Oscar contention this year and it might not be the last. Bennett Miller’s Foxcatcher was pushed back to 2014 and might not see a release until late 2014 to get in on some of the late season awards and festivals.

There’s also doubt surrounding The Wolf of Wall Street which has already been pushed back to Christmas.  But for Monuments Men, any hope for an Oscar will come with the 2015 edition of the show.

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