'Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa' Review: Do the Gags Hold and And Deliver The Laughs?


When the Jackass crew came out with their third movie, it was clear from their weathered and beaten down demeanors that there likely wouldn’t be a fourth. Then we got wind of Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa which hits theaters this weekend and packs all the low brow fun we’ve come to love about Jackass.

The film revolves around Johnny Knoxville’s character of Irving Zisman trying to get his grandson from his crack addicted mother to his dead beat father in North Carolina. Where the normal antics of Jackass involve doing really stupid things that you can’t help but laugh your ass off at, Knoxville tapped into social humor with his Zisman character and it’s that humor of putting random and unsuspecting people in awkward situations that serves as the basis for Bad Grandpa.

Like most things Jackass, you first have to be familiar with the brand of humor the crew aims for and then you have to lower your sights to that level. But once you’re there, Bad Grandpa delivers on the hit-and-miss nature of the show and like the first three movies it hits more than it misses.

There’s not really a plot to the film, as everyone is going to see Knoxville dupe unsuspecting victims while buried in latex makeup and followed up by his foul-mouthed grandson. There are friendlier gags like the some we’ve seen in the trailer such as Knoxville being launched through plate glass windows after riding a malfunctioning strip-mall ride as well as getting trapped in a spring-loaded adjustable bed.

But then there’s the Jackass stunts you’ll only see in the film like Knoxville visiting an all-black male strip club and taking his lower than low hanging scrotum out at every chance he can including a scene where he’s twerking with his entire scrotum hanging low enough for it to look painful had it not been elastic and fake.

Overall, the film delivers the laughs when it needs to and has enough gags that work to make it a must-see for fans of the series and the crew. For those not familiar with Jackass, this isn’t the worst way to get introduced to the show but it’s not the best either. Still, everyone just works and it’s going to be something you’ll want to see, even if you just wait for the $1 Redbox rental in a few months time.

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