Two and a Half Men Season 11, Episode 5: When To Set Your DVR


Some say it should have died with Charlie Sheen’s character, but the CBS show Two and a Half Men is pushing onward with the new episode of it’s 11th season on the air. Ashton Kutcher is getting paid big bucks to keep the show relevant and while it’s debatable how much of an impact he’s had on the quality of the show, CBS still likes signing off it’s comedy block with the show.

Thanks to the power of DVR though, not everyone has to endure the show when it airs or even in reruns.

In case you’re wondering, here’s a quick synopsis highlighting what tonight’s episode of Two and a Half Men will be about:

Alan befriends Lyndsey’s boyfriend in an effort to find out what he has that Alan doesn’t. Meanwhile, Walden helps Jenny be more proactive in pursuing her acting career.

So when does the brand new episode of Two and a Half Men premiere and where can you catch all of the action? We have the information you need to know right here:

Date: Thursday, October 24
Start Time: 9:30pm ET
Episode: “Alan Harper, Pleasing Women Since 2003″
TV Channel: CBS

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