X-Men Days of Future Past: First Teaser Trailer Released (Video)


Marvel movie fans woke up early on Thursday morning to get their first look at the theatrical trailer for Captain America: Winter Soldier, but that wasn’t the only goodie dropped today. While not a Marvel Studio production, X-men Days of Future Past released it’s first teaser trailer today and it was short, sweet and oh so titillating.

The trailer is being dubbed an ‘Instagram’ trailer because of it’s short length and the fact that it was released on the social media platform. It features seven short seconds of action but while that sounds like a gyp, it’s actually packed as full of action as it possibly could be.

Here’s a quick synopsis of what X-Men Days of Future Past will be a bout when it hits theaters this upcoming summer:

The X-Men send Wolverine to the past to change a major historical event that could globally impact man and mutant kind.

Basically, the existence of X-Men Days of Future Past is to erase and correct the blemish left by Brett Ratner’s mess of a film, X-Men 3. Original director Bryan Singer is back to try and right the ship and follow up on the spectacular X-Men First Class which helped serve as both an origin story and a reboot.

X-Men Days of Future Past hits theaters this May.

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