CBS Is Developing Reboot of 'Charmed', Orders Script Commitment


Right now the craze around Hollywood is to reboot and revive past franchises for the big screen, but the folks in TV land want to get in on this winning strategy as well and CBS isn’t about to sit this one out. After announcing last week that Cisco Kid was getting rebooted on the network, today comes word that Charmed is also getting revived as well.

According to Vulture, CBS is rebooting the classic Aaron Spelling series which aired in the late 90s and ended in 2006 but gained a massive following along the way despite airing on WB.

Per Vulture:

Details are scant right now, but Party of Five co-creator Chris Keyser and partner Syndey Sidner are co-writing the project, which insiders describe as a “re-imagining” of the original series about a sisterhood of witches who use their powers for good.

Right now there seems to be horror craze whether it be hardcore like The Walking Dead to lighter shows like those airing on CW and ABC Family. The Charmed reboot will fall closer to the shows that air on CW and ABC Family but the network as a nice track history of creating great dramas that vary the level of suspense.

There’s no promise that the show will ever happen as actual episodes haven’t yet been ordered but the wheels are turning and Charmed seems to be on it’s way back.

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