Thor 2 After-Credits Scenes Revealed: What Happens After Credits Are Over?



This weekend sees the premiere of Thor 2, better know to moviegoers as Thor: The Dark World and already fans are buzzing as to how the film will perform with critics. So far, Marvel has managed to side-step bad reviews for the most part as each of the films it’s released since the studio revived itself with Iron Man have bee hits.

Marvel looks to continue that streak with Thor 2 which will be coming to American theaters the first weekend in November. But already we’re learning more about one of Marvel’s staples in it’s films — the after-credits scenes.

We already know that there are two after-credit scenes in the film with one of them being a mid-credit scene teasing Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy. As Thor 2 director Alan Taylor has noted, the mid-credit sequence is directed bu Guardians helmer James Gunn and gives some insight into the future of the Marvel universe. What we weren’t sure of was what the second scene would be about, although many out there had an inclination that it would be on the humorous side as opposed to being a teaser.

We won’t spoil the second scene that takes place after the movie but much like the infamous Shawarma scene in Avengers, the scene is truly after the credits and is pretty hilarious.

We also got to see some new images of the film which were posted on ScreenRant earlier this week:







Thor 2 hits theaters in the U.K. next weekend and arrives in American theaters on November 8th.

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