Ellen DeGeneres Scares Her Producer Andy With Trip Through The Walking Dead (Video)

If there’s one thing Ellen DeGeneres is still good at, it’s staying relevant with her talk show and staying funny when so many other comediennes like her have faded away. Not only is Ellen hosting her own syndicated talk show but she secured another Oscar hosting gig this year.

On her show, one of the gags she likes to do time and time again is to either scare or some how embarrass her producer Andy. When she’s not forcing him to say phrases like “salty nuts”, something he’s unable to say without laughing uncontrollably, she’s scaring him in some way.

He’s not what you’d define as a man who is able to mask his fear and that was on full display when she made him walk through a horror theme house designed after The Walking Dead. The hit AMC series served as the theme for the trail of terror and poor Andy just couldn’t keep his wits about him.

Ellen’s hijinks are likely to follow her in some way to the Oscars this year as she once again returns as host of the show. Ellen has hosted the Oscars once before and was asked back again this year to follow up the work done by Seth MacFarlane in last year’s show.

We shouldn’t expect a trip through a Walking Dead house but we should expect another solid hosting job by Ellen.

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