Who is Hosting Saturday Night Live Tonight?


Usually Saturday Night Live lets you now who’s hosting and they then promote it beyond belief and while that’s the case again this week, the fact that the show took a week off last weekend may throw some fans for a loop when it comes to figuring out who’s hosting the show tonight.

Last week the show took a bye week, if you will, to recoup and rejuvenate themselves for another push here at the end of October that includes two Saturday shows and a Thursday Halloween special. Needless to say, it’s going to be a busy few weeks and everyone at the show earned a week off last Saturday night.

But as for tonight’s show, we’ve known for two weeks who’s been hosting and it’s history in the making. Tonight Oscar nominee Edward Norton steps into the hosting role for the first time in his career.

So when and where can you catch Edward Norton’s debut as host of Saturday Night Live ? We have all the information you need to know right here:

Date: Saturday, October 26
Start Time: 11:30 p.m. ET
Guest Host: Edward Norton
Musical Guest: Janelle Monae
TV Info: NBC
Online Stream: NBC.com (Clips/Full Episodes), Hulu (Full Episodes)

Check back after tonight’s episode for a full recap of the show.

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