Stan Lee Confirms Black Panther Movie Is Happening at Marvel

Earlier this week, Marvel head Kevin Feige dropped some bombs on the comic book movie world and announced that not only is a Doctor Strange movie in active development, but so is a Black Panther movie. Not that we needed further confirmation on either since the news came from the very top of Marvel’s cinematic pyramid, but Feige’s announcement of a Black Panther movie wasn’t as boastful as the Doctor Strange film.

Never fear though, as Stan Lee has chimed in an apparently confirmed that a Black Panther movie is going to happen.

Lee has been talking about a lot of things lately but you have to believe that he has some knowledge of what’s happening with the characters he either created or helped create. He hasn’t broken any news about Marvel movies that have come out but he’s a trusted voice and isn’t yet old enough to be considered crazy.

Still, we’re always cautious about announcements of Marvel movies and the studio’s secrecy has even led us to not take Lee’s word as gospel truth. Nevertheless, we’ve now heard twice in a week that a Black Panther movie is happening which bodes very well for the chances it actually happens.


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