Lou Reed, Rock Pioneer and Soundtrack Favorite, Dead at 71


The creative world keeps losing some of it’s best and most talented voices. A day after The Simpsons star Marcia Wallace died in her Los Angeles  home, rock pioneer and movie soundtrack favorite Lou Reed has died at 71 in New York. The cause of death for Reed is still unknown, but Rolling Stone reports that Reed has a liver transplant back in May this year.

Reed is proof of how wide cinema’s grasp is as he never aspired to be an actor but he still found his way into the hearts of movie goers through the use of his amazing music. His music has been used in movies, trailers, video games and everything in between and reference to his career has been subject of debate in films as well.

You can’t think of the smash hit film Trainspotting without thinking either of Danny Boyle’s use of “Perfect Day” while Ewan McGregor’s character overdoses on heroin or a scene where McGregor and Jonny Lee Miller discuss Reed career while shooting unsuspecting victims in a park with a BB gun.

Reed also appeared in a handful of small films but always managed to work with the best. His last film role was back in 2008 when he worked on the Wim Wenders film Palermo Shooting.

Reed will mostly be remembered for his music though but that remembrance will extend beyond the world of rock and to the world of cinema, displaying the talent and reach that Lou Reed had over the course of his life.

Lou Reed, rock pioneer and movie soundtrack favorite, was 71 years old.

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