Saturday Night Live, Edward Norton: Weekend Update Review


Another Saturday means another Weekend Update on Saturday Night Live. Cecily Strong is now three episodes into her co-hosting gig as Seth Meyer’s right hand woman but they both again got some help from some characters on the side as well. It was a shorter segment tonight as we’ve had more sketches packed into the show featuring Edward Norton, but the punchiness of the segment went a long way.

Tonight’s segment of Weekend Update saw the return Anthony Crispino played by Bobby Moynihan, who gave Seth the latest news they were reporting in his signature second hand fashion.

It was great to see the Crispino character return, but we’d like to eventually see him interact with Cecily Strong who will be taking over for Meyers when he leaves to fill Jimmy Fallon’s vacant seat in NBC’s late night lineup starting in February. We can assume that the Weekend Update characters will be left intact for Strong when she takes over, so the sooner we can get the transition going the better things will go over.

There were no other guests on the segment but again, the punchiness of this week’s Weekend Update helped keep the flow of the show going as Edward Norton was slaying things as were the cast members. Normally Weekend Update is the highlight of the show, but we saw it knows how to get out of the way when things are rolling.

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