Saturday Night Live, Edward Norton: Wes Anderson Horror Spoof Trailer (Video)

Last night Edward Norton debuted as host for Saturday Night Live, hosting the show for the first time in his long acting career. But while we weren’t sure how he’d ultimately do as host, the Oscar nominated actor slayed the jokes and killed it in the sketches, going down as the best host of the year so far.

One of the best bits on the night was a spoof trailer for a Wes Anderson horror movie called Midnight Cotire of Sinister Intruders which goofed on the directors distinct style. Not only was the concept funny, but the execution was outstanding as the folks at SNL nailed Anderson’s style and turned in one of the best sketches on the night.

Here’s a look at the sketch in all of it’s Wes Anderson-spoofing brilliance:

Norton will be appearing in Anderson’s next film, The Grand Budapest Hotel and recently appeared in Anderson’s last film Moonrise Kingdom. Norton has seemingly worked his way into Anderson’s regular troupe of actors he works with which is excellent for both fans of Norton and fans of Anderson.

What was great for everyone was this spoof trailer that aired on Saturday Night Live this weekend as everyone on the show brought their very best for the finest show this season.

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