Saturday Night Live Review: Was Edward Norton Funny on SNL?


Tonight marked the first time that Oscar nominee Edward Norton tackled Saturday Night Live hosting duties and everyone was interested in seeing how he could do in the role. He’s not a traditionally comedic actor, but he riffed on his method acting in the opening monologue for the show.

Things started off hot and fast with Norton’s monologue which featured cameos by Alec Baldwin and Miley Cyrus who dropped by to help give Norton some tips on hosting. The cameos were meant to play on the fact that Norton has nothing to promote tonight, so Baldwin and Cyrus promoted their television show and upcoming tour, respectively.

As for the sketches themselves, Norton was brilliant but the cast members brought their A-game tonight which really helped make this the best show of the season so far. Tina Fey’s season premiere episode was great but it doesn’t stand up to everything this episode had.

From the allure of Norton hosting for the first time to the brilliance of the cast, this was arguably the best show of the season thus far.

The quality of the sketches were through the roof and they hit every single time on different levels. Not every one was a home run, but at the very least the worst of the sketches was an extra bases hit and we worked our way up from there. The highlights of the night included sketches where Norton played a hillbilly friend of an exterminator who geeks out over a bunch of possums in a vent who can do human impressions.

Another highlight was a goof on Wes Anderson’s style of filmmaking as a fake trailer for a Wes Anderson horror movie called Midnight Cotire of Sinister Intruders was shown and it nailed his style in hilarious fashion.

Norton was lights out as host and fans couldn’t have asked for more out of him. Not every sketch was perfect but it was damn near close to it and Kerry Washington has her work cut out for next week’s show.

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