Once Upon a Time: Best Moments From "Good Form"

Everyone loves a pirate, especially a bad-to-the-bone-with-a-heart-of-gold one like Hook. In this episode of Once Upon a Time titled “Good Form”, we find out about Hook’s days before Neverland.

5 – Hook in uniform – He’s handsome as a rough-and-tumble pirate. He’s even more of a heart-throb as a dashing Navy man. (Every girl loves a man in uniform!)

4 – Henry’s imagination – Pan is teaching Henry to be a Lost Boy. He gives him a stick and tells him to pretend it’s a sword. Now, we’re all done this. Twigs, wrapping paper tubes, hockey sticks: anything can be a sword if you want it to be. But for Henry the sword becomes real and he quickly gives a fellow Lost Boy a scratch across his cheek. He apologizes because he’s not a total baddy, but he’s shown the potential to be wicked Lost Boy. We’re all jealous that the only thing we accomplished with our imaginary swords was knocking over a lamp or two.

3 – Operation Copra Rescue – In season one Henry wanted to use code names. We thought it was a little dorky, not going to lie. But when Regina, Snow, and Emma capture a Lost Boy and use a mirror to FaceTime with Henry, they tell him Operation Copra Rescue is in full swing and not to give up hope. It’s a cute moment and even the hardest-hearted of us had to like it.

2 – Jungle Women Go Wild! – OUAT doesn’t leave the fighting to only the men while the ladies wait helplessly to be rescued. When the trio of Emma, Regina, and Snow are startled in the woods, they don’t swoon. Emma gets her sword out, Regina lights a fire ball, and Snow has her bow ready.  When the boys get back, Charming and Snow have a romantic kiss. Emma lays a big wet one on Hook. Oh la la!

1 – Who’s the other one??? – Pan has Neal aka Baelfire aka Henry’s dad in a cage. He tells his Lost Henchmen to hang it up in a tree “next to the other one.” But we don’t see who the other one is! Is it a character we’ve already seen on the island, like Gold? Is it a new character from Neverland we haven’t seen, like Tiger Lily? Or is it someone from some other story altogether? We’ll have to find out next week.

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