Ohio State Buckeyes Marching Marching Band Honoros Hollywood (Video)


The Ohio State Buckeyes marching band has made a spectacle out of making their halftime shows into bizarre and amazing visual feats. They don’t use pyrotechnics or loud rock music to wow their fans, they instead just walk around, line themselves up and create images that will blow you away.

It’s not that the Ohio State marching band played amazing renditions of Hollywood hits, but the visual aid to the music is just outstanding and was without a doubt the highlight of the night for everyone in the stadium. Naturally, the fact that the Buckeyes blew out Penn State 63-14 was the main highlight of the night but this is a very close second considering the game was no contest whatsoever.

The band has done things e this before ,as have other marching bands around the country but Ohio State continues to wow us ad their fans with their unique and frankly incredible visual aids to their music.

It’s not ever going to be at the halftime of the Super Bowl as it’s a college gimmick, but that doesn’t mean it’s not one of the most unique and coolest things you’ll see all day. The next question is, how ill the Ohio State marching band follow this up at their next home game?

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