Ben Kingsley Filming One-Shot Film for Marvel


For weeks now we’ve heard rumblings that Ben Kinglsey would be returning to the world of Marvel to film a secret project for the studio has his character from Iron Man 3. Today, we learned what that project will be as Latino-Review is reporting that Kingsley will appear in a one-shot film for Marvel.

According to El Mayimbe’s sources, the one-shot with Kingsley to make up for the backlash over the twist in Iron Man 3. 

According to sources, Marvel wants to make it up to fans so in the one shot, the REAL Mandarin is furious with Aldrich Killian and Ben Kingsley’s character Trevor Slattery for the mockery they made of the real Mandarin’s identity and legacy. The real Mandarin wants to set the record straight.

One of the reasons that Marvel is able to do this is thanks to a one-shot they included with the Iron Man 3 Blu-Ray release called Item 47. The one-shot has sparked a potential spin-off series on television and could mean that se one-shots gain a lot of steam she public.

This will now make two one-shot’s for Marvel this time and they snagged a legendary actor to appear in it as a character he’s already portrayed. What this means, is the flood gates could be about to fly open and Marvel’s brand is only going to spread in every single possible way.


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