Olympus Has Fallen 2: Sequel Will Take Heroes to London


When Olympus Has Fallen turned out to be the best of the two White House attack movies to hit theaters in 2013, the most you’d think the film would get is a nice box office return and a few chuckles. But you’d be very wrong to think that a sequel wasn’t going to happen — because it is. The White House is safe this time around, but London is an entirely different story.

No, the title isn’t going to be London Bridge Has Fallen — despite how perfect that title is — rather Aaron Eckhart, Gerald Butler and Morgan Freeman will be returning in the sequel titled London Has Fallen and things just get even more epic from there on.

Screen Daily broke the news that London Has Fallen will be happening and people are already getting behind the release of the film.

Millennium Films is producing and financing London Has Fallen and Alan Siegel and Gerard Butler’s G-Base will also produce.

Focus Features will release in the US under the auspices of incoming CEO Peter Schlessel, whose FilmDistrict distributed the original last spring.

It’s the most improbable sequel we will get and there’s really no guarantee at all that this one will pan out with critics, but that’s not going to stop the powers that be from producing it and hoping that it follows the success of the first film.

But this has all the makings of a sequel that shouldn’t happen but is anyways so make your peace now and prepare for London to fall.

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