The Walking Dead Renewed for Season 5 by AMC; Will Air in 2014

It’s been three long seasons of intensity on The Walking Dead and fans are now sinking their teeth into a four season that is changing the game with each passing episode. But the fun won’t stop at season 4 as Variety is reporting that The Walking Dead has been renewed by AMC for a fifth season.

The show has been on for almost three and a half seasons now and has not only gained a massive following but has rejuvenated the horror genre on television. Th vampire craze still seems to be dominating the spectrum but The Walking Dead has stood ou as not only one of the best shows in the genre of horror but one of the best shows on television.

AMC has a lights out flagship show to continue into the future with in the wake of losing Breaking Bad to the series ending it’ run. Mad Men will still be a staple of the network and he show that opened the doors for a show like The Walking Dead to air, but the show really sits in it’s own league.

The question now is how long will the show air? One thing that made Breaking Bad so great was that it got in and got out on it’s own terms and did so with violent haymakers of high quality entertainment. The Walking Dead is one of the best hows on television but how long will the a survivor and when will it start to become infected withe the curse of staying on television too long?

For now though, all that matters is that the show has been renewed and will be back for a fifth and possibly final season on the air.

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