Wolf of Wall Street Officially Gets Christmas Day Release Date


There has been a lot of drama surrounding Martin Scorsese’s latest picture, The Wolf of Wall Street, and many were fearing that the problems in post-production could lead to a delay that pushed the film out of this year’s Oscar contention. But while the fears were real, we now have nothing to be afraid of as martin Scorsese will be bringing Christmas cheer.

Scorsese’s picture will miss it’s original November release date, but it has been announced that the film will be released on Christmas Day, thus making is eligible for this year’s Oscars.

The question now is, will the film live up to the expectation that has been set for it, as fans will now have to wait an extra month to see the film. In addition that, the post-production drama has caused a significant amount of hype for the film that some will use to write the movie off when it comes to Oscar contention.

What went wrong with the post-production was that Scorsese’s final cut of the film was reportedly around 3 hours long which was a running time that Paramount wasn’t at all keen on releasing. So the fight ver what to cut ensued and while it didn’t get as public or ugly as the battle over Darren Aronofsky’s Noah, there was growing doubt that the movie would be released on time.

We now know that The Wolf of wall Street will indeed be hitting theaters, albeit not on the previous schedule. Still, getting a Scorsese film is a gift in of itself, no matter if it’s a month late or an hour over it’s run time.

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