First Official X-Men Days of Future Past Trailer Debuts (Video)


Last week we got what was dubbed an ‘Instagram’ trailer forX-Men Days of Future Past but today we got the whole thing. The previous teaser was truly that in every sense of the word as the trailer was just seven seconds long, but the trailer that was released today is the full length and it’s hard not to savor every second of it.

While fans can’t wait to see what X-Men Days of Future Past will look like and where it will take the series, it’s widely known that the existence of this film is to erase from our minds the abortion of a film that was Bret Ratner’s X-Men 3.

Now, if only we could retroactively erase everything Ratner has done from our minds.

The real question that fans will have though surrounds Wolverine and what will happen with the series after X-Men Days of Future Past.  Hugh Jackman can’t be Wolverine forever and he may use this film as a way to possible kill Wolverine or replace himself with a younger actor.

Nevertheless, original X-Men director Bryan Singer is back and X-Men Days of Future Past looks fantastic and we can’t wait until this summer when the film finally hits theaters, whether or not it’s in 48fps be damned.

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