Batman vs. Superman: First Look at Ben Affleck Batsuit? (Photo)


A month or so ago, we reported on what seemed to be concept art for the new batsuit that will debut in Batman vs. Superman but so far we were right on it being just rumor and not actual news related to the film. History has a way of repeating itself as here we sit a month later with more updates on the potential batuit for Ben Affleck’s Batman.

This nugget comes to us from Comic Book Movie who are reporting that Zack Snyder’s batsuit design for Affleck will be molded after the one featured in the 2001 graphic novel Batman: Noel.

Here’s what that batsuit looks like:


It’s hard to haven an opinion on the new batsuit if this is indeed the design that they are going with. This stems from the fact that whatever bat suit is chosen will be instantly compared to the Christopher Nolan suit — as with mostly everything that will be in this film.

But if this is the suit they’re going with, at least it’s a new take on the suit as it’s taking directly from the comics. This is a move likely to please some fans and get them to start warming back up to the idea of a Ben Affleck Batman. However, whichever shot is chosen will not only be compared to Nolan’s suits, it will also be followed by but Ben Affleck will be wearing it

Still, it’s a pretty cool design, even if it’s not yet officially the suit that Snyder is going with.


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