Gravity and Captain Phillips: Highest Earning October Movies


October is coming to an end in the next few hours but Gravity and Captain Phillips are this month’s highest earning movies at the box office.

What’s more? It’s not even close between the first, second and third spots. For someone that takes a look at the box office numbers every weekend, it’s surprising to see the breakdown.

Gravity opened during the weekend of October 4th to an opening weekend sum of $55,785,112 in 3,575 theaters. Overall, the sci-fi thriller has earned $204,427,244 in 3,820 theaters. Granted, a large portion of the box has come from the film screening in both IMAX and 3D.

Captain Phillips, the biopic that stars Tom Hanks, opened the following weekend of October 11th. It’s opening weekend sum was $25,718,314 in 3,020 theaters. Not including today’s totals, the film has brought in a total of $72,874,965 in 3,143 theaters.

Both films will certainly see Oscar nominations all over the place.

What is really interesting is adult dramas with Oscar buzz from September did not even do anywhere close to these two films. Prisoners, which opened Certfied Fresh, has brought in $59,440,179 from 3,290 theaters after opening to $20,817,053 in 3,260 theaters during the weekend of September 20th. Rush, from director Ron Howard, also opened Certfied Fresh, went wide during the weekend of September 28th, but so far the racing film has brought in $26,008,859 in 2,308 theaters.

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