Star Wars, X-Men and the Best Halloween Costumes Guaranteed To Get You Candy This Year

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It’s that time of year again where everyone everywhere dresses up to make the rounds and collect candy. For kids, it’s probably the best, most confusing time of year as while we’re told never to take candy from strangers, Halloween is a day spent celebrating the very opposite of that rule.

And it’s not just kids that go trick or treating anymore, as even grown adults can’t seem to pass up the chance to get free candy from people for trespassing on their property and holding out an empty bag. Try this on any other day of the year and the police get involved, try it on Halloween and you get candy.

It’s a mystery of the universe.

One thing that’s not a mystery is our sure-fire way to make sure you get candy this year no matter where or who you ask. So in honor of Halloween, we present to you the best costumes to wear that will guarantee you get some candy this year. 

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