Idaho Sportscaster Does Entire Show as Anchorman 2 Star Ron Burgundy (Video)


We’re still a month away from the release of Anchorman 2 but already we starting to hear more and more about the movie that is highly anticipated by almost everyone. But one of the reasons the movie is being looked forward to so much is because the first movie is beloved.

That has everything to do with Will Ferrell and his portrayal of Ron Burgundy, the most famous newscaster to have never actually reported real news — until now.

An Idaho sportscaster named Paul Gerke of KIVI in Boise made it through last night’s entire show on the air in character has Ron Burgundy’s distant relative Paul Burgundy.

Not only did Gerke make it through the whole broadcast in character, he was spot on and hilarious in doing so, bringing back classic lines from the first movie and reading the news like it was meant to be read.

We can likely expect a ton of copycat performances by other local (and possibly national) newscasters in the coming weeks and months before Anchorman 2 hits theaters this Christmas. But until then, not only do we have the original movie to look back on fondly, but we also have this spot-on impression from everyone’s new favorite sportscaster.

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