How I Met Your Mother Planning Spinoff Called How I Met Your Father

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We are nearing the end of the road for the hit CBS series How I Met Your Mother but you may not have to wait long for a new brand of fun to start all over again. With the end nearing, CBS is developing a spinoff series titled How I Met Your Father and it’s both everything you’re expecting despite being somewhat of a letdown to fans of the original show.

It’s everything you’d expect int hat it’s going to go back to the beginning of the road for a group of friends while this time a female character tries to find her eventual husband. But where it veers away from the original series is that it’s all brand new characters and a fresh group of friends likely unrelated to the current cast.

This may be a bummer to fans who were hoping that the series would go back and then follow the mother character we just recently discovered on the current show as we watch her journey to finding Ted.

That’s not the case however, at least not at this stage in the game. According to Deadline, CBS is eyeing the spinoff to follow an unrelated character with the twist that she’s a female character trying to find her husband serving as enough to make the series attractive to new viewers.

While there are pros and cons to both sides of the debate, those pro-new character and those who want the spinoff to be about the mother, the fact of the matter is more How I Met Your Mother is on its way and CBS has earned an initial benefit of the doubt.

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