Jackass Director Jeff Tremaine Set to Direct Motley Crue Biopic 'The Dirt'


Before the age of iPods, Smart TVs and streaming music, the only way to get your audible fix was to get out to a local bar and take in the music live. In Los Angeles, this mean that the hair band scene was huge and defined an entire decade and etched itself int he history of one of the biggest cities in America. One band that helped define the era of excess was Motley Crüe and their biography ‘The Dirt’ has helped paint a behind-the-scene picture of one of the most fascinating times in American history.

That story is now getting the big screen treatment and a Jackass veteran is set to direct. Jackass creator Jeff Tremaine has been tabbed to direct the film version of the Motley Crüe biopic which will be a giant leap forward in the career of the director.

Since coming onto the scene with MTV directing and co-creating Jackass, Tremaine’s only non-Jackass directing effort was an ESPN documentary about BMX pioneer Mat Hoffman and the only linear movie he’s made has been the box office hit Bad Grandpa, which is only technically a film and no way traditional.

So The Dirt will be Tremaine’s long awaited chance to direct, for lack of a better term, a real movie and not a film containing a bunch of vignettes.

The Dirt has been in development since 2012, but Tremaine being announced as director is a huge step forward for the movie as well, one that we should expect to hear more from in the coming months.

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