Prometheus 2: Ridley Scott Says Script is Finally Finished, Film Could Come in 2017


In between the intense and deep debates  still going on about Ridley Scott’s Prometheus, fans are wondering if or when we can expect the second film to be released. Until now, we had really no clue where the development of Prometheus 2 was at, but director Ridley Scott spoke with Empire and gave a fresh update.

Scott says that the script for Prometheus 2 has indeed been finished and production on it should start soon. First though, Scott will be working on two films he’s shooting in 2014 and 2015 — neither of which are Prometheus 2. But with the script finished, there is hope that we could see the film roll around in the year 2017 but there’s no question we will have to wait it out.

One person not worried about the wait is actor Micheal Fassbender. The Oscar hopeful spoke recently with Yahoo! and stated he doesn’t mind the delays as it means a good story is being developed, not a sloppy one being rushed out.

“Everybody’s asking this, it’s cool!” he laughed. “You know, it takes time…. I don’t want them to rush it. I mean the reason that Pixar movies are so amazing is because they spend years throwing it out the window, re-jigging it, coming up with an idea, breaking it down, starting again, you know.”

“So to make it correctly, I think it’s actually very encouraging,” he added. “Because a lot of the times they’re like ‘we made some money let’s jump on the back of this. We wanna make more money again as soon as possible.’”

“[But] it’s nice to actually have a little bit of time to develop it.”

So there’s no question the wait for Prometheus 2 will continue, but the process is moving along and Scott has the film on his list of things to do in the coming years. That doesn’t mean we will see the sequel anytime soon, as 2017 is a long ways down the road. But things are happening and that’s news fans have been waiting to hear.

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